Building Your Brand

If You Build It, They Will Come

Do you want to build a community of loyal customers? It all starts with a great brand strategy. Branding, in essence, is the process of forming memories, emotions, and a relationship around YOUR brand in the consumer’s brain.

Think about your favorite companies or items that you regularly purchase. Why do you buy them? Why do you stop at Starbucks in the morning instead of McDonald's? Why do you buy Nike sneakers instead of New Balance?

Maybe on the surface level, you believe that the product is genuinely better, and that’s why you buy it; but you should know that there was also marketing, research, and planning that went into making sure that you became aware of that product, and spent your money on that brand name.

Join us for Building Your Brand on Monday, June 20th at 12:15 pm EDT to learn about how you, too, can build your brand, and find the right audience to spend their time, money, or energy supporting you and your cause.

What You’ll Learn

During this experience, we’ll discuss strategies for formulating a brand from scratch, which includes:

-How to develop a brand voice
-The importance of finding your target audience
-How to create a clear and concise mission statement
-Design strategies (as well as the dos and don’ts of design)
-How to bring in your unique take to the brand you’re creating

Our goal for this webinar is to help you understand the foundational pieces of building a brand to help ensure that you succeed as you grow and flourish! It’s a delicate balance trying to find the right voice and brand aesthetic that’s both relatable and unique, and we want to be there to help you figure it out.

Hosted by:

A Teague of Your Own

Rebrand Your Future

Whether you’re a freelance entrepreneur, head of a company needing to attract a new customer base, or anything in between, this webinar will have something worthwhile to teach you. Even the process of job hunting requires you to create and promote a specific type of brand -- you want employees to clearly understand what they’re buying into, as well as what they’d be missing out on if they choose to pass you over!

Regardless of your situation, understanding the building blocks to create a brand is essential to stand out in today’s landscape of seemingly endless businesses, companies, and individual personas that jam up our newsfeeds and screens.

During this webinar, you’ll learn that creating a brand is a mix of research and analysis, psychology, and creativity. It can be an intimidating trifecta to try and strike, especially if you’ve never done anything like it before. We hope that we can step in and play the role of mentor to help you along the way.

We Can’t Wait to Share With You on Monday, June 20th at 12:15 pm EDT!