Core Values Re-Imagined

Realign Your Values

How much do you know about values? It’s not something most of us consider on a daily basis. However, our values define who we are and how we make decisions.

If you haven’t given your values much consideration recently, we have the perfect webinar for you! Join us for Core Values Re-Imagined on Monday, April 25th at 12:15 pm EDT.

During this experience, you will have the opportunity to examine your core values, delve deep into how they influence who you are, and learn techniques for living your life in accordance with them.

When discussing values, morals often come to mind. Learn the difference between the two and how they relate to one another. By identifying your values, you’ll be closer to achieving happiness and success. Join us to learn how to live the life you are meant to live!

Meet Jim and Michelle Teague, The Facilitators of Core Values Re-Imagined

We help people lead to succeed, communicate to elevate, and build teams to fulfill dreams. As members of the John Maxwell Team, we have access to the #1 bestselling author's material on leadership. With over 40 years of combined experience in teaching, speaking, training, and coaching we can tailor a program that is designed to meet your needs.

Do you know anyone, could be yourself, could be a family member, could be a friend, who is struggling with team members not communicating with each other? Aggravated with the conflict that prevents their team from working together to accomplish the organizations goals? Or maybe, just maybe, what keeps them up at night is the thought of not having people ready to fill management or supervisory roles? We typically help with these kinds of challenges.

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A Teague of Your Own

Your Values Are Uniquely Yours

From ambition to bravery, candor to pride, and everything in between, we all have a unique set of values. The way in which we choose to live our lives is dependent on the core set of values ingrained within us.

If you’ve noticed a lack of happiness in your life, it could be attributed to being out of touch with your core values. Join us on Monday, April 25th as we share questions to help you get back in touch with your values and back on track with living the life you deserve.

Our goal is to teach you how to identify your values and provide techniques for applying them to get more out of life. This is an interactive experience where guests are given the opportunity to engage with one another and share their thoughts.

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We Can’t Wait to Share with You on Monday, April 25th at 12:15 pm EDT!